SEL S.p.A. Booth: H3.D20


SEL S.p.A. is a fast growing Italian company, producing high-tech MV devices and switchgears. Born in 1989, SEL totally owns its technology and know-how, that come from more than 30 years of experience of the founders' family in the power distribution field. Located in the heart of Tuscany, near the magic city of Florence, we get inspiration form the genius of Renaissance to produce our top-performing swithcgears, RMUs, CBs, polemounted switches, suitable for regular and high demanding MV applications, for secondary and primary distribution. Our range: • “TPS”, metal-enclosed switchgears with SF6 switch and Vacuum CB, from 7.2kV to 24kV, up to 21kA of IAC AFLR and 21kA of short circuit level; • “TPR6”, indoor and outdoor RMUs, one range for 7.2kV, 11(12)kV, 13.8(17.5)kV, 24kV and another for 33, 36, 40.5kV up to 25kA IAC AFLR and 25kA of short circuit level; • “PLS” pole mounted switches up to 40.5kV, 25kA of short circuit level; • “TPR6Plus”, primary switchgear up to 36kV, 31.5kA of short circuit level; We have today gained a great experience in the Middle East and nearby area, becoming leaders in the MV market. Please visit us and discover our solutions for your demand of power., Country: Italy Show on floorplan Add -> FAVOURITES Categories