SARKUYSAN is located in Gebze on 180.000 square meters and with covered area of over 77.000 square meters where electrolytic copper products,copper tubes,busbars and copper alloys are produced.SARKUYSAN increased annual production capacity to over 200.000 tonnes which was 10.000 tonnes at the inital stage. SARKUYSAN's products are the standard input materials of several industries including electro technique,electronic,motor,communication,power generation and distribution, solar and renewable energy,home appliances, measurement instruments, defence, automotive, chemical, construction,heating, air-conditioning and sanitary plumbing. With "sks" trademark products,SARKUYSAN is the leader in its sector. Exports a significiant portion of its products to nearly 70 countries in five continents. It's estimated that almost half of the autos and commercial vehicles produced in Europe use Sarkuysan's wires. For many years the company has been selling oxygen free and nickel plated copper wires to the suppliers of NASA and in recent years to aerospace industry. SARKUYSAN also produces enamelled copper wire with “BMK” trademark with production capacity of 25.000 tons/year . Our sister company SARMAKINA is manufacturing steel wire reel, wire pay off, wire spooler, band filter, copper busbar, wire insulation especially for cable and wire industry. Country: Turkey Show on floorplan Add -> FAVOURITES Categories