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    Lightning Protection International (LPI®) is an export award-winning, fully Australian-owned manufacturer and supplier of direct-strike lightning, surge and transient equipment protection, earthing products and solutions. LPI provide specialist lightning protection advice and more than 400 installations have been completed across a range of industries within the middle-eastern region. In addition, we service customers throughout the most lightning prone areas of the world. We provide comprehensive and effective lightning protection with a strong commitment to research and development. This leads to direct enhancements in the design and manufacture of all our products and solutions including: 1. Lightning air terminals and accessories for direct-strike lightning protection (Open Area Protection) 2. A wide range of surge and transient protection products for power lines, data, communication and signalling lines 3. Earthing/grounding solutions for effective, low resistance earthing systems including earth rods, conductors and associated accessories plus compounds to reduce soil resistance We proudly serve customers in more than 65 countries across the Middle East, Australia, the Asia -Pacific region, Africa, Central & South America through our network of highly trained and dedicated distributors. Third party Quality Management System (ISO9001:2000) is maintained. LPI products carry UL, IEEE, IEC, NFC17102 certifications., Country: Australia Show on floorplan Add -> FAVOURITES Categories