LAE Srl Booth: H3.C40


    Since 1978, LAE Srl has been manufacturing machines for the production of electrical transformers: coil winding machines for transformer windings - including foil winding machines, wire winding machines and strip winding machines); core cutting lines for magnetic cores featuring step-lap technology and equipped with manual and automatic stackers; fin folding machines for transformer tanks. WIND line comprises a wide range of winding machines, specifically designed for different applications: low and high voltage windings, for distribution and power transformers, both oil-immersed transformers and dry-type transformers. LAE coil winding machines bring a high level of quality to the end product, saving material and cutting down production times. Our production includes: foil winding machines, wire winding machines, strip winding machines, vertical and horizontal winding machines. CORE lines, featuring step-lap technology, are designed and built to cut and stack magnetic cores used in the production of transformers; thanks to their flexibility, these lines can produce a wide range of transformer, minimizing set-up times. LAE core cutting lines can be configured to different level automation, depending on the selected machines. TANK lines are complete solutions to manufacture corrugated panels with embossments and reinforced strip for transformer tanks.,,, Country: Italy Show on floorplan Add -> FAVOURITES Categories